Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to thin oil paint and The best way to thin oil paint

This is something that I learned not so long ago quite by accident. I didn't learn it in school, or a book, but by chance.
I was painting and I had bought some new oderless mineral spirits. I put the brushes and the old into seperate containers. One had turpentine and mineral spirits mixed together. I put a brush in this to move around some extra thick oil paint and it worked perfectly.
The best way to thin oil paints for a smoother coverage is not to use a medium, but to use terpentine. Some of the paintings I posted recently I used this method with including Blue Madonna and The Last Frontier.


Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for the comment. The pebble picture was shot looking through the was so clear tonight.
How did you find my journal?

Fin said...

Thanks for leaving your words in my blog. I don't mean to look sad. I'm facially paralysed. Thus it caused me to have sad expressions. :)
by the way, do you only do oil paintings? how about trying to sketch/paint me with a perfect smile (via ur own imagination)? Would love to see myself having a perfect, symmetrical and beautiful smile on my face. Just a thought...

Ms. Orange said...

Shea, neat blog! I havent seen too many painting blogs around.

when I used to paint years ago, I remember using mineral and turpentine and medium to thin the paints.

looking forward to seeing more of your works!

Bee Skelton said...

Just popped in to say thank you for the comment on my blog. It's always good to have contact with other artists. Your blogs are impressive. Such dedication to your art and the logging of your thoughts. Bravo!

Allure said...

do u think turpentine can also be used for oil pastel?

Shea said...

Yes, it works pretty good.

Rav`N said...

thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Glad you like the sorceress. It was done for me by a very good friend. I wish I could draw and paint like you guys can. I have about as much artistic talent as a block of wood unfortunately

Lori McNamara said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Be careful of thinning too much without medium. The pigments can come off if you thin too much. The mediums, linseed oil, liquin, alkydes, etc. are the "glue" that holds the paint to the support.

Shea said...

The paint that I think is very thick and for me that is not really a problem, I should have mentioned that in my post. Thank you.

Mad Asthmatic said...

Love your paintings Shea, I wish I had some skill in this area. I can manage cross stitch and knitting but give me a pencil or a paint brush and my efforts look like a kindergarten kid has been let loose! Not good believe me.


mad said...

I dig your art, man. Thanks for stopping by.

Thinkinfyou said...

Your painting are beautiful! WOW, such a talent!

Shea said...

Thanks for the compliments

Nagawulan said...

thanks you for dropping by my site, hope you enjoy. You have great work.

Dave said...

Hi Shea, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Feel free to link to anything you like. The jokes aren't mine, just stuff I've found on the 'net.

Love your paintings!

Shea said...

It was funny, but I didn't realize it was a joke

Shannon said...

Happy accidents are the best. :)

Thanks for the comment, Shea. Your blog makes me want to pick up oil painting again. It's been a long time--too long.

Kathy Martin Studio said...

I'm afraid of oil paint! I stick to seems to stick to me way too often too! =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. =)

Have a great day!


atomicvelvetsigh said...

Hi Shea I just saw your comment at my NL-PH blog.

you can join illustration friday here.. its a nice way to promote your blog as well as meet other artists.

see u there!

twisted thoughts..

Chhaya said...

yeah... what happens in USA affects us indians too due to the open economy. dollar goes weak, and our exports suffer real bad. but being born in this country has made us tough. whats the slow economy for you is still fast for us. hahahaha.
but we manage.
keep in touch. i plan to post some poems soon...

Daisy said...

Oh I have you on my list of blogs that I follow. I think they should rename it as "blogs that I stalk"... So how's my sweet stalker?

Zeppellina said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog.. I`ve been a bit AWOL this last while.
Strangely, I liked this post, as I`ve been off doing a wee bit of oil painting again after a long time.
I use a mix of linseed oil and American turps, ( pure turps, not turps substitute known as white spirit).. being careful to use lean to fat.. thinner mix on the initial layers, gradually building to thicker consistancy on the outer layers of paint.
Thick paint can take months to dry, and thin paint applied over thick paint stops the first layer drying, and causes paint to crack over time.
Anyway, that advice was for your younger readers...
I love your work.. stay in touch, and thank you for the lovely compliments,

best regards,


an ordinary Saffa girl said...

Turps is a brilliant thinner, yes! I have used it often. Smells somehting horrid but does the job!

Lovely blog... painting... wish I did it professionally and as a living... a dream huh?

Anonymous said...

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